Story of the Tapestries

There is a castle ruins in between Aimee’s Arrow and Plow’s Mark. The story surrounding it is dark, as it was once the home of Lord K’loth Blackmantle.

Legends have it that nearly 300 years ago he ruled with an iron fist, treating his peasants cruelly and harshly, taking the majority of their harvests and leaving them with little to survive upon. Late payments of taxes were punishable by death as were any perceived slight to the lord. When rumors of greater depravity reached Port Silversmith, the church of Pelor sent out a priest and six paladins to investigate.

Legend says that he invited them in to eat and then, desiring to condemn their souls to one of the planes of hell and make their spirits abhorrent to Pelor, he fed them each a stew made with the flesh and blood of an innocent child. While they ate, he locked the doors of the keep with all his servants inside and set it on fire. Only one cook’s assistant escaped and Lord K’loth was never heard from again.

His castle lies in ruins and no one has attempted to rebuild it. Some claim the ghosts of those who died there still haunt the unhallowed ground.

Story of the Tapestries

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