Letter found in Medusa's library

Dearest Sisters:

Oh, what a delight this assignment has been. At first it felt like an exile, separated as I am from your presence. While I still long for your company and miss our conversations, I have found some joys in my isolation here.

Our master’s pets are so fun to tease and torment. They truly hate it here and hate the servitude to which they are bound. I caught them trying to free one of my sculptures. While I’ll confess it amused me to see them rebel in their little ways against the spell that binds them, I didn’t let them see the amusement. Instead, I feigned a rage and threatened to report them to Adroushan. They quaked and begged and submitted most deliciously to the punishments I concocted. They have since been most servile and accommodating. I still find ways to eavesdrop on them when they think I am safely ensconced in my more luxurious quarters. Sometimes I reveal myself while other times I simply collect knowledge.

Yes, I know all of this is petty compared to the work the two of you are doing in establishing our master here on this plane, but the month is long between your visits with the Lady’s presents. I don’t mind the isolation, but I must find some way to amuse myself. Bring me water from the master’s mountain spring when you come next month, won’t you? The water here grows stale.
Will the tribute this month prove more entertaining than last? He wasn’t in the least bit scared, the foolish man. I do wish the Lady would let us take souvenirs off the tributes before handing them over to her.

Be well sisters. Your devoted sister,

Bridgette Redman

Letter found in Medusa's library

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