Port Silversheath

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The paladin sits one out

We are in the room with all the doors. We debate which one to go down, and choose (?), the one with the winding ramp.

We at the end of the ramp, is a room with five doors. The intrepid paladin strides forward and opens the first door on the right. In it is a room full of books, scrolls, etc. “hmph, boring”, thinks the paladin. (upon a later search we found this) He goes and opens the door on the opposite side of the room. There, a snake with a human head greets him and says “go open the other doors”. Since this is what he was going to do anyway, he does (yep, he failed a will save). The next door on the wall reveals an empty cave. He continues on. While the paladin was opening the other doors, the party starts to fight the first naga. Behind the paladins last door is another cave, and another human-headed snake. “Go be safe”, says the snake. So the paladin (failing his save again) goes into a room on the opposite side of the hall.

The party (minus the paladin) defeat the first naga, and move onto the other one. The remaining naga Charms the fighter into going to be safe, but the sorcerer cross-Charms her back into fighting the naga. The sorcerer thinks about trying the trick on the paladin, but is talked out of it (metagame player to player, the paladin’s player explained to the sorcerers player that the paladin didn’t actually trust the sorcerer, and referred to him as “the shifty one” in his journals). Still, the party defeats the naga. After a search, a secret door is found, revealing a pole descending into a pit fifty feet deep. The monk goes down the hole.

And promptly wishes he hadn’t. There, in the darkness (don’t worry, the monk is a dwarf), are three trolls and four reptilian humanoids. At this point I’m not exactly sure if we know what is down there or not, my mind is fuzzy on the details, but of this I’m certain: we looked screwed. Valiantly, the fighter slides down like a firefighter, and upon reaching the bottom, is ripped apart by a troll. One round, the fighter is taken out. Then the paladin, looking to redeem himself, jumps down after her. He fares better. In fact, he takes out two trolls all by his lonesome. (Okay, that’s not entirely true. Eventually, the cleric came down to give him some healing, and even healed the fighter enough for her to attack once or twice from the ground, before she was knocked out again). It also helped that he was hasted by the sorcerer

While the paladin took out one pair of trolls, the monk single handedly takes out another, then starts to fight the troglodytes (as they turn out to be). The paladin and rest of the party join in, and the troglodytes go down, but not before one of them tries to run away, revealing the existence of a secret door that we probably would not have found otherwise. (we still killed him, but thanked him as we did).

That’s pretty much where we left off on that session.


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