• Glenn (or Glynn)

    Glenn (or Glynn)

    Dwarf monk, one of a pair of twins
  • Glynn (or Glenn)

    Glynn (or Glenn)

    Dwarf monk, one of a pair of twins
  • Sir Jon of Parenham

    Sir Jon of Parenham

    Humble paladin of Pelor, shining light of Justice in a dark and sinister world.
  • Sir Raveni

    Sir Raveni

    fighter, quite insistent that you remember she has been knighted, and that you address her as "Sir"
  • Tuftekal


    gnome bard, whose idiom is etiquette and protocol (and detection)
  • Waldren the Shifty

    Waldren the Shifty

    Sorcerer, likes to changes his appearance, likes to stay in the back, but not the very back, of the party.