Port Silversheath

no cleric = undead night, of course

in which the paladin redecorates (then takes the long way home)

so, we went through the door we discovered last time, and went through some tunnels and up some stairs, until we got to a door. Behind the door was a room full of bones, which the paladin discovered had six evil things hiding somewhere. One fireball later, three skeletal trolls rise up. One fight later, they are down.

We go into the room, and find another door, still with the skull and bone motif, and we check if for traps, find nothing, and go through. Find a small room, more doors: one with stairs going up, one leads to another room.

The other room is completely empty, which raises everyone’s suspicions, so Riven starts checking every square for traps. Fortunately, she starts with a straight line to the door on the opposite wall, so Sir Jon, the paladin, walks up to the next door and opens it. He sees a short wide hallway (or long room, depending on how you look at it) with seven doors, six per side and one on the other end (okay, technically it has eight doors, since he just came through one). On the walls of the corridor/room are tapestries. Sir Jon (the paladin) looks at one side and sees pictures of depravity and horror, so he starts ripping them down. He bypasses the doors, which are searched by the rogue in short order. After the paladin tears down all the offending tapestries, he starts on the opposite side. This side, however, tells a story. Sir Jon reckons that the tapestries tell of a group of Pelorite paladins (like himself) set off on some journey to a castle, they are met by the lord of the castle, given a meal, which turns out to be poisoned, maybe, and they seemed to be locked in the room, then the castle we set on fire, perhaps, and a giant bad (why not) flew away. He thinks that’s how it goes anyway.

As the paladin was reconstructing the story from the tapestries, Glynn (or Glenn) opened a door and found some wights. The paladin stepped forward and let loose with a full blaze of Pelor’s glory, and cowed the wights, so Raveni could cut them to pieces. Then Glenn (or Glynn) opened another door, and shadows came out and attacked. Glenn (or Glynn) got hit pretty bad, so the paladin again stood forth for rightness and light, and banished those shadows. He then, knowing they would be back, decided that it would be the better part of valor to go back to a safe camp and return in full force on the morrow.

There was some disagreement about how to best get out of the place we were in. Some in the party wanted to use a magic rope to ascend the pole and go back out the way we came in, while the paladin and fighter wanted to go up a set of stairs that they knew about. Since no agreement could be reached, we split up. The party with the rope got out first, while the paladin and fighter had the pleasure of killing a werewolf.

Everyone is now at the city, resting and trying to figure out our next move.



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