Port Silversheath

In through the out door

We have a nice dinner, clear up some loose ends, and the paladin finds the way to save the day

(mental notes of the humble and gentle Sir Jon of Parenham)

Oh my, but the Marquise has set us a magnificent table. This food is much better than anything I have eaten, and the table setting is just magnificent. Hmmm, that sorcerer is tormenting the help, I shall have to have words with him. He has no sense of decorum. Just pick one drink, man! I shall have to make sure he does not make off with any of the silver ware, he certainly looks the type.

Ah, music, I do appreciate a well played tune. Waldren is proving himself to be even more of a lout than I thought, demanding a lute, when our gracious host provided us with a harpist. One of these days, he will push his luck too far, and it will either be the stocks or gallows for him. Oh, here comes Tuftekal, I should ask him if he could perform a duet with the harpist. He’s got some rings there, he wants me to what? “No, they aren’t evil.” Why would he ask me that. Nice rings though, I wonder why he has so many that look the same. Hey, wait, now Waldren has one, and he is trying to force the harpist to take it. I don’t know how he got that ring, I shall have to let Tuftekal know he is missing one.

The next morning

What a refreshing nights sleep. I hope my companions all had a nice, nightmare free slumber as well.

I will go tell the head priest about the tapestries I saw.

Oh, it’s a history lesson. Boy, evil is stupid. Pelor, in his wisdom, would not hold the souls of those paladins abhorrent, for it was not through their own will that they ate of human flesh.

I will now go meet with the rest of my party. Down we go again, into the room with all the doors. Oh bother, more debate about where to go. “I say we do the werewolf room first, then the big door with all the symbols”.

So, here we are in the werewolf room. There is nothing in many of these rooms. Very disappointing, I was hoping there would be more shapechangers. Hmm, a room with wooden floors, in an otherwise stone dungeon? I pry up the boards, but there is nothing. There was some nice weapons under the bed, but nothing I can really use, although now I have another masterwork bastard sword. You can never have too many melee weapons, you know. I have a feeling the sorcerer was trying to trick me about this sword, but I’m on to him.

I am getting quite annoyed with this room, and now they want me to search a chest. Fine, I will search it. I throw it up in the air, and take a big swing with my new sword. There, now the chest is open, and any secret compartments are exposed.

Hmmm, someone seems to have found something. It’s a schedule of events at the Blue Moon Ball, the one the Marquise is throwing. I’m sure that has some significance, but now is not the time to ponder.

We are in a kitchen now, and in the cupboards, we’ve found a paper detailing when guard watches are changed at each city gate. Sir Raveni seems to think it is important, so I will let her have it.

Ah, now we are in the room with the Very Large Door. While earlier I thought we should go through it, now I think we should go up the door that leads to the Fire sigil. This way we can bypass the janni waiting at the top entrance. I will lead the way.

At the door at the top of the stairs, I burst through, ready for battle…it’s a closet. Rather a large closet, with frilly dresses, and ribbons, and many, many shoes. Why do women need so many shoes? Feeling whimsical, I tie a pretty green ribbon around my helm, and then burst through the next door.

Egads! ‘tis a lady chained to a bed. I must avert mine eyes, lest her nightdress arouse unpure thoughts. Following the training that every paladin must undergo, I slash at the chains in an attempt to free they maiden from captivity. Wow, that was really easy, I think that chain was made from substandard material. I will now walk to the other side of the bed to get the other chain. Bother, she is screaming about her captors being in the hall. Surely they know we are he…BLOODY HELL! The sorcerer just shot the lady with a magic missile of some sort. I knew it all along, he IS evil, he has just been able to fool my mystic senses, somehow. I will deal with him after I defeat the captors. It looks like Sir Raveni is having words with him as well.

Agh, she is still going on, I had better go to the door, one of the other can free her other arm.

What’s this, Tuftekal is saying Glynn (or is it Glenn) has been turned to stone. It’s true! That is no lady, she is a deceiver! I stride over unleash my wrath upon her. How dare she spit in the face of Pelor’s mercy. I free her (well, partly) and she repays me by petrifying my monkish comrade? (I have heard petrification is a danger in that profession).

Ow, I seem to have been bitten by a snake. Good Pelor, it’s her hair! That’s disgusting. Ugh, I never really noticed how heavy this sword is. I should use it with both hands. Oh now, now Sir Raveni is a statue. This is not good at all. I shall call on Pelor’s Justice to smite this wench now.

Forsooth, I am glad that’s over, I am very tired, and this armor is heavy. I think I am carrying too many melee weapons.

I must go offer the sorcerer my apologies, it seems his instinct about the foul woman was right, and my were wrong.

Of all the ungrateful… I try to apologies, and he says “you should be apologizing to Glenn (or is it Glynn)” He can’t even accept my contrition with grace.
Now we are trying to figure out how to get our stone friends out of here. Tuftekal is going to go talk to the janni, hopefully they will help us. I am going to go check out this door. It is proving very difficult to move silently in this armor when I feel so weak.

Hmph. I’m in a library, but every book is in a language I don’t read. I have found what is probably a letter, and some scrolls, I will give these to Tuftekal when he returns. Oh look, he’s back. He seems agitated. He is not listening to me, he just keeps moving. Okay, he’s stopped. Now he is reading over things.

The scrolls contains the spells needed to return our compatriots to flesh, but unfortunately not one to return my strength. Oh well, give me a night to sleep, and tomorrow I will beseech Pelor to grant me the ability to restore myself.

We are now discussing our next move, I shall suggest going up and telling the janni that the medusa is dead. From her letter, it seems to me that they might enjoy hearing that bit of information.



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