Port Silversheath

a dungeon with dragons in it

the game finally lives up to it's name

Following the paladin’s advice, the party goes up to the janni, and explain to them our purpose and the fact that we just killed the medusa.

The seemed happy about that fact, and tried, in a manner, to help us, although it ended up costing us our lives. their lives, I mean, it cost them their lives. The told us the missing people were still on our plane of existence, but that we would need seven keys to open the door that would lead us to them (or something), and that the keys were held by seven bosses.

Well, six of the keys were held by bosses, we have one. Well, we believe we have one. That is, we have a key, and we think it might possibly maybe go to the big door. In what is either a happy coincidence or major plot point, one of the bosses with a key is the same person (Lord K’loth) who killed a bunch of Pelorian Paladins some three centuries ago. Since I am a Pelorian Paladin, (and our resident medic, er, cleric is also a Pelorian) I am looking forward to having words with this Lord K’loth. (I plan to hang him out to dry.) (Also, I suspect he may be a Klingon.)


After getting this bit of information (the janni were struck by some sort of pre-existing execution method, probably similar to a Mark of Justice or some such, if you are interested), we went down to the room with the big door, decided we did not want to mess with it right then, and so we decided on which of the remaining three doors we wanted to go through.

Since we knew what awaits us through the Skull door, we decided to not go through there until we can rest a night and prepare the right spells, which left the Book and Sword doors, both of which were unknown commodities. Naturally, the group looked to the paladin to lead, and so I led them through the Sword door. (I like swords. I like hitting things with swords. Don’t like being hit by them, though.)

We came to a long room, and I started looking into some mundane stuff (more books in a language I can’t read), when the monk, Glynn (I’m pretty sure this time) opened a door and found some gith-something or others. We fought them, got some magic items, including some swords that I was informed it would be a bad idea to use. We searched another room, got some more stuff from a secret door, then went through the other main door at the end of the room. There, we found a pair of large (well, technically I should say Large) red dragons. The monk and paladin fearlessly engaged them in hand to claw (and tooth, and wing, and tail) combat. The sorcerer fearlessly fled back into the previous room, while the ranger, bard and cleric all stayed to help fight the dragons.

In fact, the bard was instrumental (ha ha) in the downfall of one of the dragons by reminding the paladin to use Smite, which dropped the over-grown lizard. The ranger and monk turned the other dragon in to a well tenderized pincushion.

So yeah, that’s where we left off, we killed the bad guys and took their stuff, as usual, we will now probably find a place to rest, recuperate, choose new spells, and then tackle the Book or Skull room next.



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